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what are words?

words are but the shadow of action deformed so that they to have shape, making the eyes that remain closed to the truth believe that those essence have life.

tell me you love me that’s the norm, that’s the assurance such a being without a soul gives. a being known as words.

conformed to the likely hood of sapiens so wrapped around the idea they are the top yet flatter and scurry like the lowest of birds.

words itself only has five letters yet we believe in those , hold onto those far greater than our own five senses.

I can not see the figure of words stand alone

I can not hear the voice that leave their mouths.

I can not feel the contours of their shape.

I can not taste the emotions they make

or smell the fragrance they emit as they rush towards me from another true being

so believe me when I use words to excite you or can not find the right words to describe you.

for my actions are my words and my actions are a thousand continuous flow of pictures on show

By Ceehle Wayne Suntele

12 April 2014 15:57


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the truth

Love and fear are like two peas in a pot
pot filled with snow, as they roll the gather, growing in magnitude
you learn to love more , you begin to fear more
but that’s because you forgot the most important thing
never watch the no and ignore the other, for as children
the one will grow to gain the attention of its mother.
being selfish and greedy moving even when the pot is at rest.
till when you look at again at this pot of life , fear overcrowds the love
you had inside

but we as parents to a feeling so true , do what our parents would do.
we push the fear aside as if not a factor and look deep insides its shadows
to find the pea we call love. filled with anger and distress we find
ourselves at rest when the fear become an unstoppable mess.

so we leave the love and run to find another pot .
and not learning from the past we continue the way we know best,
ignoring and focusing on the one and not the rest,
till we find our self on our ass again from the fear we call a pest.

here is a choice do it and maybe it will work.
focus one the two speak and let the fear understand its place.
let it know you know and watch as it allows the love to grow .
without jealously or to create a foe, fear will decide to go.
and youll be left with a love that was loved by fear to , strong and firm
and ready to be with you

By Ceehle Wayne Suntele
31 March 2014 11:18

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  • 3 weeks ago

your mind heart and soul will always be haunted by three people. your first love, your second love and the one who carried your first child

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I am my own creation,
feeding off the longing to my affection
I create my own damnation,
seeking a longing beyond creation
Am I to suffer upon all this
Dwell in this unholy absy

By Ceehle Wayne Suntele
24 March 2014 19:32

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Outside Ones



By Ceehle Wayne Suntele

23 March 2014 13:08


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i am a man

I am a man ,
I am a man born with a burden To be like a rock like every other ,
The voice told me , ye shall not cry for the world needs strength
The whisper confirmed , ye shall not crumble for a house needs to stand

This is my undesirable trait,
A genetic imprint that fell from generation to generation.
The side effect of a plague that rampaged this earth.
A plague that utters the words “only the strong will survive”

But this is the curse of a earth bound man,
Whose dreams are to touch the ceiling
Whom circle of affection only surround a few, being me me and me
I am not that man

I am a man ,
I am a man reborn with grace so I can be my own man
The word stated give all your burdens feel for the world needs love
The holy spirit announced, fall to your knees for the world needs prayers

That is my desirable fate
A unique gift that fell from the heavens above
The result of that day where he who made me , died so that I could made in him
The day where it was declared that “it is done”

This is the purpose of a unbound man
Whose vision far exceeds those he sees
Who banishes the lines that create a circle and love unconditionally
I am that man

By Ceehle Wayne Suntele
18 March 2014 12:11

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Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.

2:15 am  (via perfectiondoesntlast)
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I am but a base note
I am but a primary colour
I am but an Atom
I am but the cell

Incorporated in the sympathy
Awed upon in the rainbow
That cling with 2 for the creation of water
Formulated to be in that which has purpose

Lifting the spirit of those who hear me
After a storm that lay waste to the little remaining
Free falling to a land quenched from my being
Purpose to create, admire and acquire.

By Ceehle Wayne Suntele
1 March 2014 03:35

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